We like to keep things simple and affordable for anyone,Party pricing is as follows:
Cotton Candy
1) Pre Spinning
 -$2.00/bag for small bags (one flavour)
  -$3.00/bag for small bags (two flavours)
     -$4.00/bag for large bags (three flavours)
**A minimum of 10 bags is required to order**
2) Spinning on Site
- $30 Machine Cost
-$2.50/bag for small bags (one flavour)
** A Gauranted order of 10 required **
-$30 Machine Cost 
-$2.50/bag Un-Popped popcorn (serves 3-4)
Snow Cone's
-$30 Machine Cost
** A Gauranted order of 10 is required**
Sparkle Tattoo's
-$30 Sitting Fee
** A Gauranted order of 10 is required**
Mini Donut's
- $30 Machine Cost
-$150/box(420) 42 servings
-$5 per serving
**10 servings required to order**
If requesting all 5 options we will waive the cost of one of the machines ($30)
Please contact us for fundaising/profit sharing prices
We require 48 hours notice for pre-spinning cotton candy orders
and 7 days notice for us to attend with equipment
For larger groups 20+ we will take 20% off your total bill

50% of your bill(non-refundable) will be required when booking,
The remainder of which will need to be paid in full the day before the event
 ***Prices are subject to change***