Having A Party?

We Are Sure To Have At least 1 Thing To Make Your Party Complete

11 Flavours of Cotton Candy

Have you every been eating cotton candy and wondered what flavour it was?
Well wonder no more.
We have the ability to mix the flavoured sugar so you are gauranteed to recognize the flavour and with 11 to choose from we are sure to have the flavour for you!

Freshly Popped Popcorn 

That Smell.... That Sound....
Its almost ready to be devoured.
No body can say no when the smell of popcorn is in the air.
Wether you are 3 or 103,
its the smell no one can resist!

6 flavours of Snow Cone's

Its hard to resist shaved ice,
Especially when there are six flavours to choose from.
Cant make up your mind?
Pick 2 or 3 for your own combination its sure to be great! 

    Mini Donut's

Fresh made Mini Donut's.
No oil needed!
They come in frozen and we toast them to perfection!
Top them off with every one's favorite;
cinnamon and sugar, or icing sugar
for absolute perfection.

Sparkle Tattoo's

 Every body wants a tatoo these days,
Why not go with a safe non alergenic canadian made product.
The results are beautiful.
There are dull colors for those that dont want to sparkle to much.